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Thinking of going Vegan? You're not alone.....

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

The Veganuary campaign - where people eat vegan for the month of January - grew by 183% in 2018, with a whopping 168,500 participants. In comparison, there were 59,500 participants in 2017; 23,000 in 2016; 12,800 in 2015; and 3,300 in 2014.

Demand for meat-free food increased by 987% in 2017 and going vegan was predicted, by ‘Just Eat’, to be the biggest food trend in 2018.

Research by The Vegan Society found there are 600,000 vegans in Great Britain in 2018, or 1.16% of the population. The number of vegans doubled from up to 150,000 (0.25%) in 2014 to 276,000 (0.46%) in 2016, and – incredibly - doubled again from the 276,000 (0.46%) in 2016 to 600,000 (1.16%) in 2018.

Research carried out by SourceYouGov found in 2017 that 25% of millennials were either vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian (hello?!) while 44% of all consumers are willing or committed to cutting out meat.

According to Mintel Healthy Lifestyles report, October 2016, 33% of British consumers have tried eating less meat to be healthier, and 33% of British consumers say they make a point of regularly having meat-free days (e.g. meat-free Mondays). 31% of British consumers say they have cut back on red meat in the last 12 months for health reasons.

Interesting still, 25% of British consumers say that concerns about the environment have caused them to cut back on the amount of red meat they eat.

What’s the upshot of all this data? In five words: Veganism is on the rise!

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