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Course Enrolment Form

Care in Training CIC Responsibilities

  • We treat all learners with fairness regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, race, gender, religion, marriage or civil partnership, or pregnancy.   

  • We will respond to all enquiries in a timely manner.   

  • All submitted work will be assessed within a reasonable time period.

Learning Agreement

This agreement is between the learner and Care in training CIC. Please read the requirements and responsibilities that you are committing to on enrolment to this course

  • I will take responsibility for my course, making sure I meet any deadlines.

  • All work I submit for assessment will be my own.

  • I will ask for support from Care in Training CIC if I am unsure, or do not understand any aspect of my course or assessment.

  • I will contact Care in training CIC if there is any change to my circumstances.

  • I will contact Care in training CIC if I require any adjustment for my course under the Equality Act.

General Data Protection Information

General Data Protection Regulation: Under UK and European Data Protection legislation, data from which living individuals can be identified are classed as ‘personal data’.  The handling of personal data has to comply with legal requirements covering such things as the way in which this information is acquired, how it is processed and the extent to which it is disclosed or transferred to others. Care in training needs to store data about you and your course progress. It will be used in accordance with the relevant legislation, including the GDPR 2016 and the Data Protection Act 2018. If you have any questions about the use of the data collected by Care in training contact

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